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It's energy savings all the way...

solarcache Fast Facts

  • solarcache uses your excess solar energy to heat your water or other heater.
  • It will work with any micro generation energy – Solar PV, wind or hydro.
  • It diverts only the surplus energy and no more.
  • The system is modular, and the units are easily installed by an electrician inside your house. The controller can be placed where you can see it and use it conveniently.
  • It can be installed at the same time as your Solar PV panels or it can be fitted afterwards.
  • It can use your existing immersion heater.
  • It works with day/night tariffs such as Economy 7.
  • Fit it and forget - it'll do all the work for you. It will also report lots of data so you can plan your usage.
  • The solarcache controller's 5" colour touch sensitive home page displays PV generation, house usage, power flowing to and from the grid and power being diverted.
  • The controller stores historic power and energy data, which can be viewed on other pages.
  • Add a Gateway to see and control what is happening using your smartphone, tablet or PC whenever connected to the internet inside and outside the home.
  • Add a Remote Controller to see and control your system in another room.
  • The basic sytem uses one 3kw Power Throttle connected to your immersion heater. Add additional Power Throttles to control additional loads with priority choices.
  • Add one or more Switch Modules to switch an air source heat pump, air conditioning unit, or other plant or equipment, either when the solar generation reaches a given value, or during timed periods. (The switch module must be fitted by a competent electrician, and is suitable only for use with a resistive load. Maximum load 10A rms.)
  • solarcache will work with any battery storage system. Retro-fit to existing PV systems and immersion tanks.
  • Other features include seven timed boost periods and one to three-hour override boost. The system is easy to install and is user friendly.

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Head office: DSM Energy Control Ltd. 38 Cheddars Lane, Cambridge, CB5 8LD

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Email: info@solarcache.co.uk

 The Old School, High Street, Horningsea, Cambridgeshire CB25 9JG

The Old School, High Street, Horningsea, Cambridgeshire CB25 9JG