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dsmzoneheat is a comprehensive and centralised management control system for electric heating, that controls independently
or in groups by wireless thermostatic switch modules. dsmzoneheat is rich in features, whilst easy to install, set up and use.

The dsmzoneheat controller has a 5" colour touch screen which shows, for each room, the actual temperature and heater status at a glance. Each controller can manage from 1 to 32 independent switch modules with up to 8 such controllers per installation, providing centralised management of up to 256 rooms.

Add a Gateway to see and control what is happening using your smartphone, tablet or PC whenever connected to the internet inside and outside the home.

Add one or more zoneheat repeaters to reach distant switch modules.

Features include:

• an energy saving 'set-back' feature
• individual target, set-back and minimum temperature per room
• 6 Independent weekly timers per room
• over-ride buttons for Active, 1-Hour Boost, Dormant & Timed
• 10A load capacity for each thermostatic switch module
• switch modules fit inside a standard UK single accessory box
• PIN-code to prevent tampering by un-authorised personnel
• selectable wireless address and channel settings


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HomeHeat Gateway Angle no lead
Switch Angle With Sensor

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The Old School, High Street, Horningsea, Cambridgeshire CB25 9JG