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How solarcache works

solarcache measures how much power is flowing through your electricity meter, and in which direction. Only when you are exporting more than 50 Watts does it redirect the power through to the immersion heater or other load connected to a solarcache power throttle. It constantly adjusts so that as your electrical appliances are turned off and on, the minimum power is exported to the National Grid.

Make a cup of tea – solarcache will turn down the immersion heater or other load as soon as you switch on your electric kettle and turn it up again afterwards.

solarcache has a modular, easy-to-install design. A clip on sensor (CT) at your electricity meter measures the flow of power. A second sensor measures how much electricity your solar panels are generating.

The power throttle may be sited near your electrical fuse box or next to your immersion heater in the airing cupboard. The solarcache controller may be installed wherever it can be seen easily, giving you access to its monitoring and recording functions.

This diagram shows how solarcache sits within your electrical circuits – it just hooks up without any additional wiring needed or changes to your immersion heater.

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Head office: DSM Energy Control Ltd. 38 Cheddars Lane, Cambridge, CB5 8LD

SolarCacheLogosmallCall us: 01223 440100

Email: info@solarcache.co.uk

 The Old School, High Street, Horningsea, Cambridgeshire CB25 9JG

The Old School, High Street, Horningsea, Cambridgeshire CB25 9JG